Opportunities for Norway in Vietnam’s Fishery

Growth in Vietnamese Marine Sector and a Government Goal
Vietnam is now the 6th largest seafood exporting country worldwide, and it will be a significant global player in the seafood market in the years to come.
The Ministry of Fisheries has set a goal to produce 200,000 tons of marine farmed fish within 2010, while the developments in the Vietnamese seafood sector have just started and the marine sector in Vietnam is still very small with an estimated production about 15,000 tons annually.
However, the country is now faced with many challenges due to the hasty growth in fish farming, especially in the Mekong Delta. Therefore, Vietnam now needs high-tech systems for marine fishing and their fishing fleet.

Opportunities for Norwegian Fishery
A group of Norwegian companies seized the opportunity to gain more insight into what is known to become a huge market from the VIETFISH 2006 exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, June this year, and the ensuing study tour arranged by Innovation Norway Hanoi.
On VIETFISH 2006, the Norwegian pavilion presented Norwegian aquaculture technologies, seafood products and a marine media company. Those companies were:  Orsta Aqua Systems AS, PHARMAQ AS, Fiskeriforskning, Sea Star International AS, MMC Tendos, Norwegian Seafood Export Council and Intrafish Media AS.
As part of the show, Innovation Norway Hanoi organized a seminar, titled “Norwegian Fishery Technology in meeting with Vietnam’s fishery future” starring speakers from the above companies and research institutions. Around 50 Vietnamese selected participants from 30 local companies and research institutions attended the seminar.
The three-hour seminar provided a good opportunity for the Norwegian companies to present its expertise, and ability to tailor their products and services to meet the market demands.
In addition, Innovation Norway Hanoi also arranged a two-day study tour for the participants to one of the biggest fresh water aquaculture areas in the Mekong Delta with focus on fish farms & processing plants for cat fish. The group also visited seafood processing companies in Ho Chi Minh City.
Overall, VIETFISH 2006 has brought deeper understanding of the Vietnamese fishery industry to the Norwegian participants. Norway as an advanced technology nation, especially within the fishery sector, should have good opportunities in bringing new production concepts to Vietnam.

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