F-Secure Establishes Tech Center in KL

The Kuala Lumpur office includes a security research centre and technical support operation. The company is in the process of recruiting staff to carry out product research and development work from Malaysia.
The Kuala Lumpur office will share the responsibility for providing security response services with F-Secure’s Helsinki headquarters in a move designed to strengthen the company’s ability to deliver protection seven days a week and 24 hours a day against emerging new threats to its customers.
“We selected Malaysia because of well-qualified human resource and a good cost infrastructure. Lots of countries in the region have a good infrastructure, but Malaysia has a supportive government too,” said F-Secure President and Chief Executive, Risto Siilasmaa.
Malaysia was selected as an Asian hub for the company because of lots of well-qualified workers, who commonly speak English. Cheaper labor and accommodation costs to neighboring Singapore also helped Malaysia emerge from a shortlist included the Philippines and Thailand.
Malaysia’s initiatives to encourage high-tech companies to set up business, and its strategically optimal time zone which is six hours ahead of Helsinki were also key factors in the decision.
“The company was expanding its position in Asia to cater for anticipated demand for security products that will accompany wider penetration of broadband and IT in coming years. Asia will account for 40 per cent of the worldwide broadband market in 2010,” he added.

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