Finnish Red Cross Behind Workshop in Phuket

The workshop is aimed at improving the ability of Red Cross offices around the region to develop voluntary blood donor programmes that will ensure the safety and availability of blood for local hospitals.
     When the workshop opens on Monday September 18, participators will include Phuket Governor Udomsak Uswarangkura and Mrs. Henna Korte, who is the country coordinator for the Finnish Red Cross in Thailand.
     The workshop will help local officers from the six Andaman provinces to work more efficiently on blood donation campaigns as officers from the Finnish Red Cross will be at the workshop to share their experience and explain new techniques to them.
     The activities of the Finnish Red Cross in the Phuket area add to the gratitude of the local Phuket Red Cross, who have benefited greatly from the expertise of their Finnish sister-organization.
     “Finnish Red Cross has provided ambulances to the government hospitals in Phuket and the five other Andaman provinces affected by the tsunami, and they continue to work with the Phuket Red Cross on promoting blood donations,” Maneebhun Usvarangkul, president of Phuket Red Cross, tells The Phuket Post.

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