Thailand’s New Visa Regulations

Thailand will introduce new visa regulations as pr 1. October 2006. To get a clear picture of exactly how the rules will apply, the Danish Embassy has contacted the Immigration Division in Bangkok and received the following explanation:
Foreigners who have entered Thailand on a 30 days visa can only extend their stay by travelling in and out (visarun) two times, which alltogether amounts to 90 days.
If a foreigner after these 90 days wish to extend their stay further, the foreigner should leave the country and contact the Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate abroad and here apply for a tourist visa valid for two months.
It is solely up to the respective Embassy or Consulate if they wish to issue the visa.
After this, the process with visa-run can start again, if the foreigner still wishes to stay in Thailand.

For further information please have a look at the Thai Immigration Bureaus homepage.

Please note that the above is an extract of information given by Immigration in Bangkok. The information is only a guideline and the Danish Embassy’s role is ONLY to pass on information. For factual statements, Danes are recommended to contact the Immigration Division first hand. You will find the contact details on the link above.

You will find the danish text version of this announcement on :

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