Learning Singaporean Business Etiquette

On the 27th September, the Swedish Business Association of Singapore organised a lunch at the Tanglin Club at which ‘cross-cultural communications expert’ Ange Teo gave an informative presentation for more than thirty members. 
Ange Teo, who has more than twenty years experience in cross-cultural communications working in multinational companies and Singapore Statutory boards, gave a 30-minute presentation on “understanding cultural-specific behaviour – a guide to Singaporean business etiquette.” 
Ange Teo enlightened the audience on the cultural differences which exist in a multicultural and multiracial society such as Singapore. Ange Teo explained what factors shaped the people of Singapore and what difference it makes whether people are educated locally or overseas.
Furthermore she gave advice on how to address people of various races, when to give presents and why you should never give a Chinese a clock as a present.
By listening to Ange Teo’s presentation that audience learned that an Indian woman wearing a white sari indicates she is a widow, and that Malays do not have a surnames, but these were only a few of the cultural distinctions that she touched upon. 
After her presentation, there were opportunities for the audience to engage with Ange Teo in a question and answer session, which ended an interesting and informative presentation.

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