Danish Red Cross strengthens primary health care in Laos

The quality of life of ethnic minority tribes in remote Khoa district, Phongsaly province is being strengthened by the Primary Health Care Program of the Lao Red Cross supported by the Danish Red Cross (LRC-DRC project).
     The healthcare program is focusing on the construction of gravity fed water systems and latrines. Education assistance is also being provided in the form of primary school building and tuition components.
     The mountainous area of Khoa district is home to 13 tribes and has a population of 28,000 inhabitants living in 130 villages.
     So far, the construction of gravity-fed water systems has been completed in 20 places with a total cost of 254 million kip and a village contribution of 21-30 percent. Twenty two volunteers have joined the community-based first aid programme and are being trained. Some 29 sets of latrines are being completed in six villages.
     LRC Phongsaly Branch was established in 1999. The Primary Health Care Program of LRC-DRC was launched in this northernmost and poorest province of the country in the same year, then extended to Khoa district in the southeast of the province in September 2000.

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