Weather Gods Blessed the SSS Golf Cup Anniversary

Doing an outdoor activity in October in Thailand involves a risk of getting soaked due to the rainy season, but luck were on the golfers’ side on Sunday October 8th as the golf section of Scandinavian Society Siam (SSS) hosted a tournament on the Muang Ake Golf & Country Club in Bangkok. Only light rain fell much to the pleasing of Golf Captain Klaus Støve.
“Heavy rain did fall, but luckily not until around 4.30 when the last players had finished their round and returned to the club house, so weather did not influence our tournament and all 42 players had a wonderful day at the course,” Klaus Støve explains.
The first SSS Golf Cup was held in 1976 making this year’s tournament the 30th of its kind. Before the first group of players started their round at 11.30 Klaus Støve briefed the golfers about prizes, number of players and the rules of this particular tournament.
Due to the condition of the course, it was decided to play by winter rules.
“On the course you could find puddles of water and mud here and there due to the rainy season. Playing by the winter rules you are allowed to pick up the ball, clean it and put it back in the same spot if you are on the fairway. That way you get a better contact with the ball and more accuracy,” Klaus Støve explains.
However accuracy did not increase enough to help any of the players winning the prize for a-hole-in-one: a return business class ticket to Europe with SAS, but Atttia Moharam won a prize for getting closest to the pin on the 6th hole, Robert Normann on the 8th, Jan-Oluf Alhenius on the 12th and Inge Larson on the 17th.
After the tournament it was time for the prize ceremony.
Peder Haraldsson won group A, Bjarne Kjersner was runner-up and Khun Ting was third.
In group B Ole Madsen won, Khun Somsak was runner-up and Par Hollertz ended third.
Dennis Christensen won group c and Jan-Oluf Alhenius won the CC & guest group.
Then it was time to get something to eat and a beer in the club house.
“That is also an important part of playing golf in SSS. We sit and have a chat analyzing the game we have just played and quite often sitting we know exactly how we should have played. Too bad we did not realize that while we were still on the golf course,” Klaus Støve laughs.
Klaus Støve explains that the atmosphere in the SSS golf section is very informal.
“That is how we Scandinavians like it. There is room for everybody here. It does not matter what kind of job you do or how good you are at playing golf. It is more important that you are nice to be around,” he explains.
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