SWEA Visits Beautiful Malaysia

On Wednesday the 4th of October excited members of the Swedish Women’s Educational Association Singapore (SWEA) headed north to visit the mighty neighbouring country of Malaysia.
The ten girls did a one and half hours drive by car to come to their destination: The Legends Country Club & Riders Lodge near Kulai.
Upon arrival the girls split up to do their preferred activity. Choices were made and seven went to play golf while three went for a horse ride.
Cecilia Sundström of SWEA explains that everybody had a fantastic time.
“The girls playing golf had much fun in spite of some playing golf for the first time, while others are trained golfers. All had a car and a caddy and the caddies were very good at instructing the beginners. Telling them what club to use and how to hold the it gave everybody a chance to play real golf, so everybody was happy with their visit to the wonderful golf course,” she tells.
While the others were busy on the golf course, Cecilia Sundström turned to horse riding together with two other members. Being a first time rider one went for a private lesson to get familiar with the sport, while the other two went for a trial ride in the jungle.
“It was fantastic. It was so beautiful riding amongst all the palm trees,” Cecilia Sundström enthusiastically explains.
But the fun did not end there. Choosing riding in stead of golf had an advantage.
“While they were still busy at the golf course we had time to have an aromatherapy, which was so nice and relaxing,” she tells.
The girls were back in Singapore around 6pm, but it is most likely not the last time SWEA is heading north.
“We all had an absolutely amazing day, and on the way back we already talked about that we had do this again some time,” she laughs.

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