Thaihus – New Real Estate Agency in Pattaya

Driving up Thappraya road from Pattaya towards Jomtien it’s difficult to overlook the office of Thaihus almost up the hill. Even if it’s just a quiet Saturday afternoon in the low season the stretch between the two resort destinations is absolutely packed with cars.
It’s no coincidence that Thaihus has opened their office here as it is now a prime location.
And prime locations are what Thaihus is all about.

Few but Safe Projects
Staale Nygaard, 35 is the manager of Thaihus in Pattaya who opened just five months ago. The company, still so young having not even experienced a real high season yet, has had a lot of attention from customers in its short lifetime. Having their head office in Norway but also a branch in Denmark Staale Nygaard tells Scandsasia that their niche is to focus on very few projects at one time.
“It’s always a matter of trust but it’s the customer’s safety to know that we have done the research on who we are actually dealing with. We only sell houses or apartments from projects we really know well. We know who the developer is and it can save both time and headache for our customers as it is difficult to see through the market, even for a real estate agency” Staale Nygaard explains.    
The new real estate agency has got quite a lot of attention from text television in Norway where they have run commercials. Many potential customers combine a holiday to Pattaya also by looking for an apartment and Thaihus actually arrange packaged tours from Norway and Denmark just for the purpose. Most buyers are 50 years plus and there are many pensioners who look east now as Gran Canaria and Mallorca has become very expensive. 
“Another thing in our concept which has proven to be a good idea is that all financial matters regarding sale is cleared in Norway or Denmark except from the deposit that can be paid in Thailand. Many buyers feel insecure about transferring large sums of money to Thailand and as having all the financial matters done in Norway and Denmark you are as a customer also protected by the laws in these countries”  Staale Nygaard explains.

Nordic Group
At Thaihus you will notice that there are no pictures and sales figures put on display like in most real estate businesses. Having the main project Nordic Group just a two minutes drive from the office also situated between Pattaya and Jomtien it’s not really needed. Nordic group is by far the main project that Staale Nygaard and Thaihus is involved in. Norwegian owned Nordic Group is actually a series of developments covering a huge area not far from the Jomtien beach. Starting building just four years ago Nordic group is developing into a whole community with both apartment and villa complexes. Latest project is The Nordic Park Hill with 62 apartments and seven bungalows yet to be finished. 
“It’s a fortunate situation for us. The Nordic Group developments are selling very well. One of them has even been sold without the owner having even seen the apartment. The economy is good in Scandinavia. Pattaya is booming and with the new airport Pattaya seems to be a big winner” an optimistic Staale Nygaard states but dare not say if a Danish colleague will soon join him at the office.

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