Danish Mail Consultants Trained in Thailand

Bringing out the mail on time can be an expensive ordeal. Especially if you are relying heavily on expensive, external consultants to do much of your computerized administration work. Now Denmark’s own national postal service – Post Danmark – has had enough of constantly sending off heavy bills to external consultants. Consequently, instead of fighting over the same SAP consultants along with every other large company in Denmark, Post Danmark has decided to train its own consultants – and the training is to take place in Thailand.
     The first team of 18 Post Danmark employees has just been sent to Thailand on a so-called SAP Academy as the first part of a one-year training education. All 18 trainees have been recruited internally within Post Danmark. After six weeks at the certified SAP Academy in Thailand, the 18 trainees will return to Denmark to continue their practical training within Post Danmark.
     The theoretical part of the education, which is based in Thailand, could just as well have taken place in Denmark, but the academies in Denmark could not compete with the price level in Thailand, where Post Danmark found the best connection between price and quality.
     “Even with the plane tickets and the hotel and sightseeing expenses and what have you, it was cheaper to place our training in Thailand,” says Bernt Rømer, who is head of Post Danmark’s internal SAP center.

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