Danida Supports Legal Training in Vietnam

Trade is booming in Vietnam these years, making it crucial that companies understand basic legal concepts when making contracts. When things go wrong, it is important that commercial disputes are solved timely and effectively.
     Under the so-called Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS), Danida supports the efforts of Vietnam’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to make arbitration more used. One of the main activities this year has been conducting training courses for both small and large businesses on contracts and arbitration. The courses have been given in 15 provinces all over Vietnam with lawyers and lawyers’ associations among the participants.
     “The interest in the courses has been overwhelming. Between 80 and 200 participants signed up for each of the courses and the evaluation reports prove that the participants found the courses extremely useful,” informs the Danish Embassy in Hanoi, who is administrating Danida’s financial support to the project.
     Next year, businesses in 15 additional provinces will be invited to similar courses.

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