Vikings Beaten by Frogs

It was a team full of optimism that entered the pitch on Patana International School on Saturday December 9th to meet the team from the British Pub Winking Frog.
The optimism came from last weekends surprising win over French team, Les Gaulois and the game started off quite well for the Vikings. 30 minutes into the first half Martin “Breitner” Stensman put the Vikings one up, but that did not break the Winking Frog. Before half-time the pub was 2-1 ahead.
“It was a quite even game. We actually played quite well and we were determined to get points from this match,” Vikings head Coach, Keld Bak, explains.
And a few minutes into the second half the Vikings were back in the game. Keld Bak took a corner kick and found Chris Lundquist who headed the ball into the back of the net making the score 2-2. The game was open and could go to either side, but the Winking Frog team had an advantage over the Vikings.
“The showed up with 18 players, which meant that they had seven subs. We on the other side only had one sub, and when you play a game in the middle of the afternoon in humid and hot Bangkok, you get tired and exhausted,” Keld Bak explains.
The Vikings players fought their chance, but the energy level was declining. With 20 minutes to go the Vikings still had one point in their hands, but that was soon ripped away from them, as the Winking Frog scored two more goals in a couple of minutes.
“That really broke us and with the lack of subs we really did not have a chance to get back in the game after that,” Keld Bak says.
The game was the last for the Vikings in 2006. The next game is on January 6th against Londoner FC and should be a tough way to start 2007 for the Vikings. Londoner FC is second in the league with 25 points for 10 matches, whereas Vikings are 10th in the league with 10 points after 11 games.

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