Kamera Streaming in Malaysia

Malaysian consumers were the first to be able to watch streamed entertainment on their mobile phone following a deal between the Swedish Mobile content specialists Kamera and Astro, Asia’s leading cross media company. The new service was launched on November 21 by Maxis, Malaysia’s largest mobile operator, as part of their TV offering to Maxis subscribers.
The program offered was Kamera’s entertainment channel, branded ‘Entertainment Daily’, which is one of eight new Astro channels offered to Malaysian mobile users through the 3G network.
Other new services available include live streams from CNN International, BBC World and CNBC as well as channels customised for mobile viewing from entertainment and education partners like MTV, the Discovery Channel and Cartoon Networks.
“We’re delighted that Astro has selected Kamera’s live entertainment channel for its new Astromobile TV service in Malaysia,” Linda Bernström, Kamera’s Director of Sales Asia Pacific, said in a press release on the launch day.
“The channel offers a winning formula, because it delivers entertaining, time-sensitive, local and international news from the glamorous world of entertainment.”

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