Child-free Flights from Scandinavia to Thailand and Malaysia

Tired of having your charter vacations to Thailand get off to a bad start due to crying babies and beeping gameboys? If so, a remedy now seems to be on the way. For an added price of 1,395 DKK (approx. 243 USD) on top of your normal ticket cost, you will soon be able to book a seat on Star Tour’s so-called child-free sections, which the Danish travel agency is planning to launch from October this year.
     According to the Norwegian newspaper VG, Star Tour wants to offer this new feature on their own flights going to Thailand, Malaysia, Margarita or Kap Verde from either Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo.
     ”We will introduce an all new class in the front of the plane. In reality, I think we are doing all of our guests a favor with this offer – not just the guests without children, but also the families with small kids. Those who want their peace and quiet will get it, and the families with small children, on the other hand, will not have to sit and shush their kids and be afraid of bothering the other guests on board,” Star Tour’s Sales Director Stig Elling tells VG.

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