Danish Speaking Hairdresser in Hua Hin

Seven years ago Daranee Wolff Kaysfeld opened a hairdressing saloon in Hua Hin. This has proved to be a good idea as the saloon gets a good share of the ever increasing number of Scandinavians going to the resort destination. 
Though squeezed in between dozens of small restaurants, bars and guest houses in the busy Poonsuk road in Hua Hin lots of people are finding their way to “Cut For You”.
The owner of the shop Daranee speaks fluent Danish after having lived with her Danish husband 15 years in Denmark. Daranee also worked as a hairdresser in Denmark and opened her own saloon situated at Vesterbro in Copenhagen. After running the saloon for two years Daranee got divorced and packed down her scissors and went back to her native country. Although Daranee is from the northern province of Loei she headed for Hua Hin where she hoped Danes would need a haircut as well.
“Most customers are in fact Danish but all nationalities find their way,” Daranee says.
“Many are repeat customers who live here and some are tourists coming to Hua Hin year after year, who like that their hairdresser speaks the same language,” she adds.
Daranee laughs when she tells how Danish customers often come to get a hair repair after a failure elsewhere in Hua Hin mainly due to language problems. Daranee is fully aware that the language is an important tool as well as the scissors are.
“Cut For You” is a saloon for both sexes, but don’t expect a massage even the sticker in the window suggests it. Business has become so good that “Cut For You” now concentrates on haircuts only, although you can still always get a facial treatment.

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