Finland-Based GPS Phone Supplier Enters Philippines

A Finnish telephone manufacturer, Benefon, has entered the Philippines’ mobile communications market on June 15, 2007 by introducing its first GSM (Global Standard for Mobile Communications) cellular phone equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) functions.
To differentiate itself from other telephone manufacturer Benefon is only targeting on the high-end market with its products Benefon Esc!, a personal navigation phone and Benefon Track One and Track Pro, both offering mobile solutions with their combination of GSM-GPS features.
“As a small wireless communications maker, we have to specialize in unique solutions,” said Benefon regional manager Thorsten Brysch. “Our differentiating factor is our specialization in telematics and positioning-related products that provide a broad terminal platform for applications and services.”
The executive said the Benefon Esc incorporates local customized maps, ranging from the smallest city street to the largest regions of the Philippines which were made by another Finnish firm, Cellmode, which specializes in geographical content development, mobile control and mobile to mobile communications.
Cellmode and Benefon officials also disclosed that by second quarter of next year, the Mobile Tracking System (MTS) will become available. The MTS is a unique tracking system that locates vehicles and equipment equipped with a MTS device.

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