Denmark Supported Vietnam Innovation Day on Traffic Safety

The Denmark Embassy provided US$55,000 to support Vietnam Innovation Day 2007 on Traffic Safety held on June 15, which was a competition for innovative ideas to deal with various traffic problems. The event was attended by the Danish Ambassador, Peter Lysholt Hansen.
“Vietnam Innovation Day is very useful because it creates opportunities for people to carry out their own ideas for the benefits of the public”, said a winner, Mrs. Cao Thi Xuan My “like us, this idea has been developed for long but it would never have been materialized without this event.”
Mr. Nguyen Viet Truong added “We are so glad to receive the prize from the Embassy. The money has helped us, like other winners, make our dreams come true. This is the 2nd time we received awards from the Embassy. On behalf of beneficiaries of last year’s project, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Embassy.” This project seeks to solve traffic problems by making devices for blind people to use buses.
The Vietnam Innovation Day is for the 5th time organized by the World Bank with the support of various donors. Every year it has different themes.

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