Sweden Brokerage Agency Expands in Asia

The brokerage and direct market access provider now offers trading and brokerage connectivity to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange.
NeoNet already has access to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange and Jasdaq Securities Exchange, which were announced earlier this year. Its global offering now consists of 25 marketplaces across Europe, the US and Asia.
This compares to Instinets’s reach to more than 50 global marketplaces. In Asia, Instinet offers direct market access and algorithmic trading in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. Its dark pool Instinet CBX allows institutions to anonymously with counterparties in Hong Kong and Japan.
NeoNet has seen strong demand for access to Asian markets from both its buyside and sellside clients. Greg Treacy, senior vice president of institutional sales at NeoNet, said with the sustained growth in various Asian countries including China, “Hong Kong and Singapore continue to serve as a viable entry point.”
Treacy also said that NeoNet may be the only unconflicted international agency brokerage left. He added the buyside is becoming more aware of how important anonymity and neutrality are, which bodes well for NeoNet.
NeoNet also competes with agency brokerages Investment Technology Group and BNY ConvergEx, the Bank of New York spin off. In addition to Hong Kong and Singapore, NeoNet offers trading access to the following exchanges: American Stock Exchange; Amsterdam; Brussels; Copenhagen; Dublin; Frankfurt; Helsinki; Jasdaq; Lisbon; London; Madrid; Milan; Nasdaq; NYSE; Osaka; Oslo; Paris; Stockholm; Swiss Exchange; Tokyo; Toronto; Vienna and Virt-x.

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