Pedophiles Marry Thai Prostitutes to get to their Children

A number of Danish men have married Thai prostitutes, who need a husband in order to legally stay in the country. And in a number of these cases, the men have sexually assaulted the women’s children.

In four cases Socialcenter Vesterbro in Copenhagen has filed a police report of Danish men’s sexual harassment of their Thai wives’ children.

Women and children are exposed to violence
A new report by the Copenhagen authorities concludes that some of the Danes who marry Thai prostitutes have pedophiliac, racist or sexist tendencies:
“In most of these marriages problems occur early and include violence and assaults against the women and their children. In most cases the assaults are not reported to the police, because the women are afraid of losing their residence permit”, the report concludes.

Danish police will in cooperation with Thai police investigate Danish men who are married to Thai prostitutes.


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