Alsinger in Vietnam for B2B Study Visit

The Danish supplier of M2M tailored clothes for men, Alsinger, visited a lot of garment factories in Vietnam during it’s B2B study visit supported by the Danish Embassy.
“I didn’t think of Vietnam as a possibility before, but my attention was drawn to the B2B programme, and I think that Vietnam is a more exotic place than China. Therefore it will also be easier to recruit Western labour to assist in the process”, tells Mr. Rune M. Bjerril, owner of the Alsinger company that makes M2M tailored suit and shirt for men.
Rune Bjerril’s week included a visit to nine different garment companies in the North. He was very impressed by the size and the business ideas of these companies where hundreds of machinists are sitting in big factories next to each other sewing all kinds of material.
“I’m positively surprised by the fact that the Vietnamese companies are so positive about my idea, and how eager they are to start up a co-operation with me. When I come back to Denmark and evaluate my meetings, it will be a positive dilemma to choose between the companies I have met”, says Mr. Bjerril.
During his visit in Vietnam, Rune Bjerril met with fifteen companies, and he will evaluate the potential partners subsequently. He plans to visit Vietnam again in the autumn to meet with the selected ones.

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