Consumer Optimism Could Benefit Danish Retailers In Vietnam

Vietnamese consumers are among the most confident in the world, surpassed only by India, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand. In a survey conducted by AC Nielsen, the global market research company, 72% of the Vietnamese replied that they were very self-confident about their current finances. Also, 50% of Vietnamese consumers said they preferred spending their money on modern electronic products.
 According to the website of the Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi, the increase in consumer confidence – combined with an increase in Vietnamese retailers’ sales revenues of a total of 22.9 % so far this year – could prove to be beneficial to Danish retailers already in Vietnam as well as retailers considering to enter the Vietnamese market.
One of the Danish retailers already present in Vietnam is B&O which recently opened a showroom in Hanoi.
The AC Nielsen survey quoted by the Embassy is known as the Global Consumer Confidence Index (GCCI). It surveys consumers from across the globe, polling over 26,000 Internet users from 47 markets to study their job prospects, personal finances and spending habits among other issues.

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