Sweden Invests $200 Million in Indonesian Biofuel Sector

The Swedish company, Sweden Bio Energy will invest around US$143 million in biofuel development in Indonesia by opening a jatropha curcas plantation on 100,000 hectares of land and setting up a biofuel processing plant with annual capacity of 350,000 tons in East Nusatenggara (NTT) province in the near future as reported by the Indonesian Biofuel Development national team chairman Al Hilal Hamdi said on July 23, 2007.
Sweden Bio Energy is one of 50 private companies which interested in building the biofuel sector in Indonesia at a total cost of US$17 billion, or Rp150 trillion in the next few years.
“The private companies`commitment to develop the biofuel sector in Indonesia is beyond our expectations,” he said, adding that the government has predicted that the country`s biofuel development project until 2010 will cost Rp200 trillion, including Rp13 trillion to Rp 15 trillion allocated by the government and the rest by the private sector.
The Indonesia government has laid the foundations to become one of the world’s top biofuel producers in the coming years with the signing of 58 agreements worth $12.4 billion with 59 energy firms and institutions in January.

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