A Thai Woman Married to a Swedish Man Found Dead in Their Home

A Thai woman, Pornsiri Semitlow, has been found dead on August 7, 2007 in the house where she lived with her Swedish husband, Jesper Eugen Semitlow, in Chonburi province. The initial investigation suggests that she committed suicide by hanging herself.
The police arrived at the scene to find Mr. Semitlow holding his dead wife with bruises on her neck. He told the police that they have been married for many years and did not know why his wife had to commit a suicide. He also revealed that his wife had accumulated large debts from gambling and that she had been pressurized by unlicensed money lenders.
The police have not yet confirm that this is a case of committing suicide for they did not find any motives for Ms. Pornsiri to kill herself and also that the her body did not resemble certain specific criterions of those who killed themselves by hanging.



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