Swedish‘s PT IFS Solutions in Indonesia

PT IFS Solutions with its headquarters in Sweden, established in the year 1997, wants to expand its computer software ERP installations to companies in Indonesia, reported Uun Widhi Untoro, the president director of PT IFS Solutions Indonesia on August 15, 2007
The application of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Indonesia is increasing, with a rise in profitability and a reduction in a company’s operational costs. ERP can present entirely integrated realtime data. “The ERP system will be more in demand in line with the dynamics and development of information technology”, he said.
Initially, very few companies here were willing to apply ERP, more so in family or first generation companies. They thought that they could proceed without the support of information technology (IT), because their perception or way of thinking was still of the old paradigm. So, in their opinion, their companies did not need an integrated system.
Today, dozens of companies use the ERP system, such as PT Parit Padang, PAL, Pusri, Soho Industri Farmasi, Lautan Luas, Olympic Furniture, Ateja, HM Sampoerna, Sosro and Petrokimia Gresik. At present, Untoro’s company is preparing the necessary software for other types of companies, such as agribusiness, trading and oil and gas as per their requirements.
In any company, Untoro said, IT has become a necessity. It is neither complementary nor just for the sake of appearances. This is because not only company managements care about IT but also employees. IT has turned into a strategic tool to enhance competitiveness, increase profitability, cut down on operational costs and expand market share.
“From the viewpoint of business performance, the ERP system can evaluate key performance indicators (KPI) of a company. As a result, the presence of ERP is required more and more in this globalization era that prioritizes information technology,” said Uun Widhi Untoro.
IFS’ core business covers distribution, manufacturing, maintenance, engineering and human-resourcing. The company is also preparing the necessary software for agribusiness, trading and oil and gas companies. In developing its business further, IFS also works in partnership with a number of prominent providers, such as Oracle, SAP, Artajasa and Lintasarta.

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