Finnish Man Threatened With Gun in Thailand

BRIT Spencer Henley, The 32- years-old Londoner pointed the pistol at Mr. Jonathan Qvarnstram, The 26-years-old Finnish man in Pattaya as he was jealous of the “man’s intentions” towards a girl in the Jane Beer Bar, Pattaya New Plaza, Pattaya Second Rd, reported by The Nation on August 23, 2007.
BRIT Spencer Henley was being held a police station at night on August 22 faces being charged with firearms offences then being deported and banned from the country if found guilty. Henley allegedly said he bought the gun, which had three bullets in it, from a Thai Cop.
On 22 August 2007, at 4:30 PM, Police Lieutenant Colonel Santi Chainiranam, Pattaya, was informed that an Englishman pulled out a gun and threatened a Finnish tourist at the Jane Beer Bar, and rushed to investigate. At the scene of the incident, there were many witnesses; tourists and bar girls, gathered around discussing what had happened. Mr. Jonathan Qvarnstram, from Finland, was anxiously waiting for the police to arrive. Mr. Qvarnstram told police that he was drinking with a bar girl and a guy sitting at the next table was looking at him in a hostile manner, as if he were upset that Mr. Qvarnstram was sitting with that particular girl.
 The man at the next table came and asked for a cigarette, but he declined to give him one. The guy was quite angry, pulled out a gun and pointed it at his head. During that time Mr. Gaew Gaew-Sa-ad, the 38-years-old bar owner intervened and took him out of the bar to prevent bloodshed. The angry Englishman kept his gun and rode the motorbike away. The bargirl immediately reported what had happened to the police so they could arrest the dangerous man. The police communicated with the radio police to find the man.
Later, police were notified by traffic police that the dangerous guy was at Moo Baan Chat-Gaew 3, Soi Khao-Noi 11 and rushed to investigate. On arriving, police discovered neighbours and local police attempting to detain the guy, who was drunk and belligerent. Police searched his body and found a nine millimetre, Noringo gun, loaded with three bullets, as well as, one empty bullet casing. Police took the man to the police station to calm him down.
On the way to the police station, the drunken guy acted erratically and pulled his pants down. Police attempted to calm him down and forced him to dress properly before continuing the investigation. This drunken guy, Mr. Henley Spensor, from England, was still behaving belligerently and asked police to bring him some beer. Police had to utilize the assistance of a foreign volunteer to calm him down.
On interrogation, Mr. Spensor claimed that he bought a gun from a policeman, named, “Noi”, for 7,000 baht, to use for protection. He said that he has never been afraid of Thai law. However, police put him in a cell to calm him down. He was charged with possessing an illegal gun and carrying a gun in public without permission.
Mr. Gaew Gaew-Sa-ad, the bar owner, told police that Mr. Spensor had been a regular customer, but on the previous night, he had a big argument with his girlfriend who is the owner’s niece, which caused Mr. Henley to engage in some heavy drinking. He then went back to his house. Mr. Henley came back to the bar the next afternoon to have some more beer and was obviously quite drunk. He asked for a cigarette from Mr. Qvarnstram, who declined to give him one. Mr. Spensor was angry and pulled out a gun, which he pointed at Mr. Qvarnstram’s head. Mr. Gaew had to stop him and Mr. Spensor went back home, where he was arrested. Mr. Gaew said he had no idea where Mr. Spensor had obtained a gun.
Mr. Qvarnstram reported to the police station to make a statement. He didn’t press charges against Mr. Spensor, as he was uninjured, but only frightened. Obviously Mr. Spensor was very drunk and probably jealous over the bar girl. Police consider that this behavior very hazardous to public safety and have to be very strict about prosecuting such cases. Immigration Police will be informed so they can blacklist this man.

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