Danish And Norwegian Red Cross Societies Offer Assistance To Indonesia

Danish and Norwegian Red Cross Societies have indicated that they are ready to assist with in-cash donations, as well as services to help facilitate any Indonesian Red Cross assessment and response operation regarding the earthquakes incident that took place on September 14, 2007.
The partner national societies (PNS) present in Indonesia in response to the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami, apart from Danish and Norwegian Red Cross Societies, that have already expressed offers of assistance are The American, Canadian, German,Japanese and, Netherlands.
In order to avoid any duplication and overlapping of response and to ensure proper coordination from the start of the operation, the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia/PMI) and the Federation have requested the partner national societies (PNS) to standby until further information has been gathered from the field assessment.
The Indonesian Red Cross staff and volunteers based in the field have already started a preliminary assessment. Additionally, the PMI Headquarters and the Federation are sending a two-person team to carry out a more thorough assessment. Initial findings indicate that North Bengkulu is the most damaged area.
Local immediate response was taken by PMI volunteers dispatched to assist with the evacuation process. In Padang, PMI have established an emergency health post in cooperation with ORARI (Indonesian Amateur Radio Organisation). They have also erected four emergency health posts near the M.Yunus hospital in Bengkulu to assist with the handling of patients, and have mobilized three ambulances to assist with evacuation in the field.
Based on initial information on needs in the field, the PMI Headquarters will send resources from Jakarta to the PMI Chapter in Bengkulu, including 1,000 standard earthquake medical packages (comprising antiseptic solution, bandages/tourniquets, etc.) and 2,000 tarpaulins.
Additionally, 1,500 hygiene kits and 150 family kits will be disbursed from the PMI’s warehouse in Padang, West Sumatera. Both PMI and the Federation will continue to monitor the situation

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