DANIDA Supports the Development of Brand Name Strategies in Vietnam’s Fisheries Sector

In order to improve the export and competitiveness of Vietnamese fisheries products, the Danish funded fisheries sector programme (FSPSII) is assisting state authorities and private enterprises in developing strategies for marketing branded products.
An extensive fieldwork conducted by international and Vietnamese consultants were presented at a national consultation in Ho Chi Minh City on 12-13 September 2007 where nearly 100 interested stakeholders including fishermen, aquaculturists, small-scale processors and exporters, as well as provincial and central government officials attended the consultation where the findings from the fieldwork was presented and discussed.
Many Vietnamese companies already have well-established brands in the domestic, regional or international market place. However, there is a clear need for greater institutional support from both public and private sector actors in developing a coherent national strategy to strengthen the image of Vietnam’s branded fish products.
Various strategies on promoting of brands of fish and other food products were considered, including successful experiences from other countries. At the national level, developing a trademark or seal of quality, guaranteeing high quality Vietnamese seafood seems appropriate. This would allow exporters to keep their own established brands, but at the same time enable them to prove that they meet international standards, showing a national quality mark if they meet the requirements.
Following the stakeholder feedback received at the consultation, Danida and the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) will now provide further assistance to Vietnamese stakeholders. Building on the recommendations from the consultation, support will be provided to further build and strengthen Vietnam’s growing reputation as a quality producer of high quality branded fish and fish products.

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