Opening Ceremony of Kieler and Nha Vui in New Danida Supported Architect Joint Venture

On October 13, 2007 the opening ceremony of the new Joint Venture Kieler-Nha Vui attracted a great crowd including key players across the development, entrepreneurs and architecture buildings in Vietnam.
At the opening ceremony, the Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen remarked: “The Joint Stock company between Kieler A/S and Nha Vui is operating at the high quality of architectural services. While ambitious in a developing market economy, I am convinced this is the right decision. This is also why the Embassy of Denmark decided to provide support for the co-operation between the two companies through the Business-to-Business Programmme”.
The office has recently been renovated and redesigned by Kieler architects with full equipment for all functional departments. This overall refurbishment offers the company staff with the best working environment and facilities.
Another positive fact is that Kieler Viet Nam has a lot of women who are in charge in various fields in all departments, from administration, architects, as well as management. This has met the B2B’s strategy for woman entrepreneurs promotion that encourages the involvement of women at all levels of the partnerships.
The Joint Venture initially aims at offering high quality architect services of international standards and outstanding design based on the newest technologies to the local market. Those include hotel and resorts, residential accommodation, offices, industrial buildings, town planning, landscape and interior design and marinas.
The Joint Venture’s long-term perspective includes outsourcing jobs from Kieler Architect Denmark by handling part of design work for Danish and Western projects. The project has focused on B2B’s development objectives by transferring know-how from Denmark to Vietnamese partners in form of training, business systems, procedures and well-established working methods.

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