Norway Supports Vietnam in Solid Waste and Waste Water Treatment and Drainage

Norway has pledged to support Viet Nam in solid waste and waste water treatment and drainage, pursuant to two agreements signed on October 16, 2007 by Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Cao Viet Sinh and Norway’s ambassador to Viet Nam, Kjell Magne Storlokken.
Under the agreements, Norway will provide a total of US$4.4 million in financial assistance and credit towards two projects: a US$5 million solid waste treament project in Son La and a $5.9 million project to improve drainage and waste water systems in Ha Tinh Province’s Hong Linh Town.
The environment is an emerging issue in Viet Nam, responded Storlokken, and its importance has been recognised by its inclusion for the first time in the nation’s socio-economic development plan for 2006-2010.
The development of water supplies and sanitation was essential for Viet Nam in reaching the Millennium Development Goals, Storlokken added. The signing of the two agreements reflected Norway’s intention to help Viet Nam on its way to reaching these goals.

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