Danish Embassies In Asia Not Worried

Reactions to the reprinting of the Muhammad drawings in Danish papers are being followed closely by the Danish embassies in the Asia pacific.
Employees at the Danish embassy in Jakarta have no reports of any tension in the country due to the reprinting as of now. The embassies decline to reveal whether any precautionary measures have been taken.
Bo Mønsted, commercial and economic counsellor at the Danish embassy in Kuala Lumpur confirms that the embassy has a plan for proceedings in case violent protests should occur, but the embassy cannot disclose any information about the proceedings at this time.
“It is never easy to tell, if anything will occur in regards to the reprinting of the drawings, but we do not foresee anything will happen”, he says.
The Danish embassy in Kuala Lumpur have been in contact with Danish businesses located in Malaysia in course of the reprintings, but neither the embassy in Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta have issued any guidelines of conduct.
In case of demonstrations due to the reprinting of the drawings, the embassies expect to be notified in advance. Any further development in the two countries will be updated on the embassy websites: www.ambjakarta.um.dk/en and www.ambkualalumpur.um.dk/en      

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