Thai-Scandic Steel remains SEA market leader

Norwegian related Thai-Scandic Steel has over several years successfully established itself as Thailand’s number one manufacturer of telecommunication towers, having delivered more than 6,300 towers for both the export and domestic market, and has delivered over 170,000 tons of steel around the world.
 Managing Director of Thai-Scandic Steel Co.,Ltd, Mr. Rene Okanovic, said that right now the company is capable of producing 20,000 tons per year of galvanized steel towers, 5,000 tons per year of general industrial steel structures, and 25,000 tons per year of hot dip galvanized, enabling the company to precisely serve the specific demands of consumers, as well as aiming to supply customers throughout the global market this year.
 “Our product begins with a unique engineering design program by Tower Software called BOCADS 3D. Consequently, the completed design drawings and data are able to be transferred directly by means of optical fiber to CNC machines in the production process. CNC systems eliminate possible human error, guarantee quality assurance, and implement holistic quality control procedures that include all parts of the production process from raw material to the production line to delivery – and are both fast and accurate.”
 Thai-Scandic Steel is a joint venture of Thai company, Berli Jucker PLC (BJC), and two Norwegian companies specializing in steel fabrication and manufacturing structures, A.S Betonmast and Jarlso Fabrikker. The company is a member of the Thai Charoen Commercial Group (TCC) and BJC (Thailand’s large business organization) with a registered share capital of 586 million baht. “We’re fully committed to a policy of improving its leading-edge position with high-technology production system such as advanced robot welding technology and a state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) process, ensuring our products meet the global quality standard as well as our customer’s complete satisfaction,” said Mr. Rene
 Thai-Scandic Steel is located at Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, part of the Eastern Seaboard Development Scheme of government, Thailand’s most sophisticated industrial estate that has emerged as a center for Thailand’s petrochemical, automobile, steel, and heavy industries. The location is perfect as it has convenient access to both the Deep Sea Port and Suvannabphumi International Airport, facilitating the import-export process.
 Today, Thai-Scandic Steel Co.,Ltd.’s galvanized steel process represents effective, practical and economic solutions to safeguard steel structures from corrosion that may occur due to their exposure to harsh weather conditions, salt water, and acid rain.
 “The company provides the best choice for hot-dip galvanizing as the Thai-Scandic Steel facility is equipped with the largest ceramic galvanizing bath in the Southeast Asia, 9.3m long, 3.5m wide, and 22m deep. We can galvanize steel structures to 3.5m wide and 15.5m long. We have already delivered more than 170,000 tons of various types of steel structures to our clients. Moreover, Thai-Scandic Steel has successfully established itself as Thailand’s largest manufacturer of telecommunication towers with more than 6,300 already delivered locally and internationally,” said Mr. Rene.
 The company is being certified with ISO 9001: 2004 for its design, manufacturing, environment and safety quality management.

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