Vietnam Learns From Denmark’s Parliament

A delegation from the Vietnamese National Assembly visited Denmark from April 14-16 to learn from one of it´s most important donor’s experiences in parliamentary operations and socio-economic policies.
The NA delegation, led by Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Kien, met with First Vice President of the Danish Parliament Svend Auken and the heads of the Ombudsman and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. The Danish hosts spoke highly of Vietnam’s socio-economic achievements in its renewal process and expressed their hope to expand multifaceted cooperation with Vietnam.
The delegation studied Denmark’s parliamentary activities, the relationship between the parliament and the government, complaint resolution procedures in public administration and policies in tax and social welfare.
The delegation met professors from Roskilde University for discussions on the topics of economics, social welfare, the environment and globalisation.
It also visited the Vietnamese Embassy, the Vietnamese Community Liaison Board and met Vietnamese students at Roskilde University.

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