350.000 Swedish Tourist Travel To Thailand

According the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the number of tourist arrivals in the Kingdom for last year stood at 14.5 million persons. Of that, 757,734 visitors, or 5 %t, were from Scandinavian countries, a growth of 17.4 % from 2006.
The majority of Scandinavian tourists travelling to Thailand are from Sweden, at 350,000 visitors last year, followed by Finns, at about 138,332, a growth of 24 % .
Presently, 3.08 %of all Scandinavians visit Thailand.
The average length of stay in Thailand for visitors from Scandinavian countries has been rising year on year, mainly from four countries. Norwegians recorded the longest average length of stay at over 16.42 days, followed by the Swedish at 16.20 days. Danes spent 14.81 days while Finns spent 14.11 days.


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