New Chairman and Board of Scandinavian Society Siam

Scandinavian Society Siam on April 29 elected Bente Sustmann as the new Chairman for 2008-2009 succeeding outgoing Chairman Gregers Møller. Also an entirely new Board was elected with only one member of the previous Board Dr. Kristian Bø, re-elected as substitute. Around 40 members showed up to the event which was held at Hotel Grand Millennium in the heart of Bangkok.

The six new board members are:
– From Sweden: Gunner Sjöbeck, Par Kågeby and Henrik Krassny
– From Denmark: Thomas Raldorf
– From Finland: Elina Koski
– From Norway: Jørgen Udvang

The four new substitutes are:
– From Denmark: Inge Skak-Jørgensen, Mads Løvig
– From Sweden: Fredrik Öhrn
– From Norway: Dr. Kristian Bø

Kenneth Radencrantz was elected Chairman of the 89th Annual General Meeting. He gave the word to Chairman Gregers Møller to deliver his report of activities during the past year and present the audited accounts. Both were approved without discussion.
Election of new Chairman and new Board was conducted by Anders Lundqvist who had been appointed as Chairman of the Election Committee. Anders Lundqvist presented a complete board of ten members. Dr. Kristian Bø nominated outgoing board member Joakim Persson as additional candidate but under the impression that the ten proposed candidates were a fixed team, Joakim Persson thanked for the suggested but declined to accept the nomination.
The new board members now have to plan the upcoming activities for the Society which last year included a very popular Crayfish Party and the Hua Hin Ball.
One of the new board members, Henrik Krassny, and one of the substitutes, Mads Løvig, aparently also first needs to join as members of the Scandinavian Society Siam as they are not to be found on the current memberslist from the website

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