Nobody Wants the Body of Dead Dane

The corpse of a 32-year-old Danish man Kenneth Schou has been waiting for more than two weeks at Patong Hospital in Phuket for either his Thai wife or the Danish Embassy to claim the body. The Dane was according to the website found dead in his room at Delight village in Bangkalo, Phuket.
“We found the body in the room with no signs of violence on his body except a little blood coming out from his mouth,” Police Lieutenant Colonel Kittipong Klaykaew is quoted as saying.
“The room looked okay – we not found no evidence to suspect any cause for unnatural death.”
Kenneth Schou (name translated from Thai and thus his correct name may be spelled differently) was on vacation in Thailand with Thai his wife during Songkarn to visit the parents of his wife who live in Loei province and afterwards they went to Phuket for a vacation.
According to his wife, she had on the evening of 15 April asked him to go out with her, but he had declined He had told her that he preferred to work on the Internet in their room. Later, around 21.00, she had called him again and he had told her, that he had a big headache and would take some pills and go to bed. Around noon the next day, as she came back to Bangkalo, she found him dead in their room.
The police had the body moved to Patong Hospital the same day for autopsy. Here it has remained ever since. The hospital told the website that they find it strange that since the police brought in the dead body on 16 April, neither Kenneth Schou’s wife nor the Danish embassy has claimed the body.

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