Well Attended Breakfast Meeting

At theBreakfast Meeting, June 10, members of the Danish Thai Chamber of Commerce participated in a very interesting presentation held by James R. Engel, President of BullRun Group Inc. The topic of the presentation was; “Smart Companies don’t pay for training”. It was arranged by the Nordic Chambers of Commerce and held at Hotel Sheraton, Sukhumvit, and despite the forthcoming summer vacation, the meeting was well attended. After an enjoyable breakfast the members were educated on how “Smart Companies don’t pay for training”.

 The key message of today’s presentation was: Don’t pay for training – pay for the transformation process!The message was given within a Blue Ocean approach on driving business results to the people. In brief the aim of a Blue Ocean strategy is not to out perform the competition in the existing industry but to create a whole new space in where to operate and reveal its potential. Humans are the most important asset in a company and studies have shown that companies investing in the development of their people, they are the industry leaders with the highest ROI.

 The presentation discussed the typical money and wasting approaches leaders and companies take to training their people. James R. Engel painted some vivid pictures on how leaders waste money on training without making the necessary follow–up sessions. Furthermore he gave examples on how simple actions can change the result of the bottom line.

 It was an interesting and educational morning presentation and the Chamber would like to thank its fellow Chambers and members for making the Breakfast Meeting a successful event.



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