Red day for Danes and friends in KL

The traditional hash run was hared by Charlotte Donvang Parks and her team of Danish hashers. This year they had chosen a forest reserve, the Commonwealth Park, outside KL as their main venue. This particular area is very beautiful and well known for its plant and wild life… and not least for the wild boars.

With wild boars also come the inevitable leeches, lots of them, hence the Danish organising committee handed out leech socks to all participants before the run. These practical items worked wonders… for those who took the trouble to wear them on the run. Those too lazy not to put them on regretted it later when they returned to the run site after the run with numerous leech bites and very red socks and legs.

A little red dripping off the legs didn’t, however, stop anybody from participating in the celebrations after the run. As the Danish National Anthem had been sung and the flag risen before the run, the afters started off with an enjoyable spread of Danish food prepared by Danish hashers and partly sponsored by Arla and Emborg. Food included popular traditional Danish hotdogs, “frikadeller” and a cheese selection amongst others. The natural thirst after the run and the delicacies were accompanied by Sunquick and Carlsberg liquids much to the delight of the crowd. A few Akvavits and “Gammel Dansk” also went down well.

Entertainment for the evening started off with a stand-up comedy input by David Hirst, to roaring laughs by all. All the Danes got picked on and made fun of, including his Excellency the Danish Ambassador. And all got a down-down or two for good measure enjoying the amber nectar supplied by Tuborg and Carlsberg.

“It was a most wonderful evening”,  said HE Borge Petersen at the end of the evening. “My wife Jytte and I had a lovely walk, enjoyed the unusual dinner with Danish dishes and a relaxed bunch of fantastic people in excellent surroundings. And when you can quench your thirst with Tuborg while being entertained… well, that’s what I call a successful hash event.”

The Danish Democratic Constitution was given by his Majesty King Frederik VII in the year 1849, ending 189 years of absolute monarchy.


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