Two Good Hearted Danish Women Looking Forward To the Elephant Dung

Normally, any woman would bluster and fume if she was called elephant woman. But if you just try that with Lia de Sain and Shanaya Lundorff from the south eastern part op Jutland in Denmark, you will actually make them quite happy.
    The reason, during the coming December, they will spend three weeks in Thailand. Two of those three weeks will be as simple unpaid workers clear away the elephant dung, and maybe more important, nurse mishandled and wounded elephants.
    One night in an airplane, and here you go, turning into the elephant’s best friend. By the way, a person who is taking care of, and riding these four legged mountains, is called Mahouts
    “We will also be allowed to bathe an elephant in a river and will get the opportunity to collect bananas in the jungle”, says the 49-year-old Lia de Saint, who’s normal trade is working at a kindergarten in the small town of Ansager, where bananas come from the Coop, and elephants is something in children books or zoo´s.
    The Danish teacher was surfing the Internet, and she discovered a Dutch website: which provided aid travels Thailand, namely to the Elephant Nature Park. A park for abused and wounded elephants. And then she was sold.
    Elephant Nature Park was opened in 1995, by the Thai woman Sangduen Chailert.
The park currently has 32 elephants.
    Apart from taking care of elephants in need, the educate visitors, individuals, study groups, schools and interested parties. Emphasis on the plight of the endangered local species will be presented in an entertaining and constructive manner.     The Park has from the very first day stayed independently, not obeying to pressure groups and political movements that we consider contrary to the well being of the park and the creatures in its care.
    The park has received numerous awards from institutions including the Smithsonian. The founder of the park, Sangduen Chailert, was named Asian Hero of the Year by Time magazine in 2005 and the park has been featured in many international publications including.
    No wonder, that the Danish women are walking around feeling that they might have some wonderful experiences in sight.
    In an article in the Danish newspaper Jyske Vestkysten, they encourage people to support the project, by transferring small or bigger amounts to the Danish bank “Andelskassen South West”.
    It is 5951 – kontonr. 1040 467. All contributions small and large received with thanks.
Pleased be noted, that the two women them self, say that they surely pay their own expenses.
    Therefore, Lia de Saint and Shanaya Lundorff, hope they will have a nice bag of money with them to the elephants. Therefore, donations will be accepted with open arms. On behalf of the elephants, off course.

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