Two Agreements Signed Between Sweden And Vietnam

The signing
ceremonies were in Stockholm on 16 June 2008
during the visit to Sweden
by Vietnam‘s
Permanent Deputy Prime Minister 15 – 18 June 2008.
Agreement on Readmission of Citizens between Sweden
and Vietnam was signed by
State Secretary Gustaf Lind, Ministry of Justice of Sweden
and Vice Minister Vu Dung, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam in the
presence of Sweden’s Deputy
Prime Minister, Maud Olofsson and Vietnam’s Permanent Deputy Prime
Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung.
    They also
witnessed the signing of the agreement on research cooperation by the Deputy
Director General of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Authority
– Sida, Ms Mia Horn af Rantzien and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of
Vietnam, Mr Vu Dung.
    The main purpose of the final phase of the bilateral
research cooperation is to support PhD and Master students (46 PhD students and
33 Master students) to finalise their degrees and to consolidate the research
supporting structures in order to contribute to sustainable research
environments. Under the agreement, Sweden
will contribute to the final support to research cooperation with Vietnam with a
total amount of SEK 63 million during 1 July 2008 – 31 December 2011.


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