Relax Linda – ScandAsia Found The Owner Of The Ring!

Every sad story can have a happy ending, if the right media get involved. Last night quoted for at story about the goodhearted Lind Lindbergh and her husband, who found a Swedish wedding ring in a coral reef in Thailand.
    And this morning, lesser than 12 hours later, got a comment from Stefan Ahlstedt, The dive master to the man who lost his ring during a dive trip on the dive site Koh Haa. The ring Linda has been keeping for almost half a year.
    To she told her fantastic story.
    It’s a single gold ring and it must have slipped of the finger of its owner at some point before mid-January 2008. Linda found it, beaming on a coral reef in Thailand. In almost half a year Linda and her husband Johan Lindberg have been searching for the owner of the ring, which they found on their vacation in Thailand. But without results, and now they will soon give up, writes the website
“It seems impossible to find the owner, we have really tried”, said Linda.
    It was in mid-January when Linda and her husband went on dive holiday outside Koh Haa in Thailand as they found the wedding ring.
    “We dived among corals and all of a sudden, we saw how it just was there just waiting to be found”, she says.
    As the ring was “typical American” and the name is common in Sweden, so Linda decided to take the ring home to find the owner.
    The diving centre in Thailand did not take the time to look after the rightful owner, and Linda Lindberg thought it was a pity if it would if the ring just stayed lost.
    But now it’s clear, that Linda’s hard work is almost over, a few details have to be taken care of, but the main gain is done.
    And Linda Lindberg actually missed a point. The dive master did actually care.
    As Stefan Ahlstedt explained in this comment to
    “I was the dive master to the man who lost his ring during a dive trip on the dive site Koh Haa”, Stefan Ahlstedt writes.
    And Stefan continues:
    “I even tried to dive and search for the ring during our lunch break but could not find it…. so guess if I am surprised now that someone has taken it to Sweden, since the man who lost it was a Swede”.
    (The editor: Dear Linda Lindbergh, all you have to do, is to contact and the necessary introduction will be taken care of).


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