From A Coral Reef In Thailand To Sören Söderqvist In Sweden.

The owner
of the wedding ring found on a coral reef in the waters of Koh Haa in Thailand has
been found.
    “It is a
fierce, dizzying and fascinating history. The fact that we can find a ring at
the bottom of the sea in eight meters deep”, says Sören to
    And he compares
it to find a needle in a haystack.
    “Or like
finding a needle in Andaman
. That’s the ring on a
rock and Linda will find it. Totally senseless”!
    In half a
year looking Linda and Johan Lindberg after the ring owner. In the end she
turned to Rix FM Radio, which called for the owner of radio. Radio turned
around in turn to who wrote an article on the ring that searched
their owners.
    “It was a
pure coincidence that I saw it. An acquaintance that has as a
home page had seen the article and said “did you loose a ring in Thailand”.
    “I went in
and checked the site, and it was my ring! There is a small mark on it. I called
Rix FM and got it confirmed”.
    Sören Söderqvist
is very grateful to the Lindberg couple who found the ring and who were looking
out for its owner.
    “It is
quite incredible, which great job they have done”!
Wednesday of next week Sören will get his wedding ring back, according to
But on his finger, he has already beaming ring of gold. After he lost his first
ring, he bought a new one.
    “The original
ring has a symbolic value”, he says. Now I wonder to frame it with newspaper
clippings so people understand the journey that the ring have done.
    He lost the
ring when he and his wife Maria were in Thailand last winter.
    “I received
a scuba diving certificate in Thailand
as a 40- year present. My wife had booked the trip for the Christmas and New
Year. She asked me several times to take of my ring. But I do not listen to
her. So I lost it”.
    The diving instructor
was looking for the ring in half an hour but then gave up because of the bad
    Sören prepared
him self to his wife would get upset about his mistakes and bellow at him.
    But Maria received
the bad news nicely.
    “I said to her, “look
what I have done”, explain Sören. He continues:
    “And her
only comment was “good job”.


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