Thai-Danish Couple Create Great Success In Copenhagen

Henrik Yde
and his partner Leertchai Treetawatchaivong have with in a few years created a tiny Thai food empire in Copenhagen.
The two owners both gets involved in the main challenges that’s as a habit just
occur in a professional Thai cuisine kitchens in their two restaurants.
    The first
restaurant the couple opened was named Kiin Kiin. In record time Leertchai and
Henrik turned it into a very popular eatery, which focused on Thai cuisine.
    Surely many
people have done before, and after them, but Kiin Kiin is the first Thai
restaurant in Denmark
attracted one Michilen star to Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen.
    But if you
can do something once, you can probably also do it twice. It seems to be the
idea behind the couples opening of their second restaurant, Ricemarket on the
square named Kultorvet.
ambition is not to create a potential Michelin candidate, rather, a Thai version
of the times dominating bistro trend. A relaxed and relatively cheap restaurant
with a rather comprehensive menu.
can only be done if it’s for at least eight people, so most people will be
forced to appear and hope for a quick replacement of the guests at the small
tables. The menu is quite manageable – eight starters, five main courses, three
desserts – and then a five-course fixed menu for $ 350, says Mogens Rasmussen,
who on behalf of the Danish newspaper Berlingske has visited Ricemarket.
Rasmussen did choose precisely the above-mentioned five-course dinner, but he
brought a guest who selected from a la carte menu.
    The guest preferred
steamed dim sum, stuffed with pork, coriander and ginger- from a la carte card.
    Ricemarket has
in its first month of existence been criticized for long delays, but that
Saturday night where Berlingske carried out his unannounced visit, it seemed as
if they had come to grips with the logistics.
reviewer describes in details the food and accompanying wines. You have to
click the link, if you want to read those details. More important: Mogens
Rasmussen’s biggest problem with the number of stars to hand over to Ricemarket,
was whether he would give the new Thai Restaurant four or five stars out of six
    A less
successful Pad Thai and the fact that the staff simply do not yet have the
understanding or the ability to follow the noble vine card withdrew, however,
the score down to “only” four stars.
    Mogens Rasmussen’s
last lines go like this:
Ricemarket has undeniably worked it self into in the top of Copenhagen’s Thai cuisine
hierarchy and Henrik Yde and Leertchai Treetawatchaivong has once again cheated
the sceptics.”


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