SIDA Help Blind People Get The Opportunity To Access IT Skills

More than
250 blind people in 42 provinces and cities have received IT training courses
under the four-year project “Training IT for the blind in Vietnam”. The project
was implemented by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
    (SIDA) in co-ordination with the Vietnam Association for the Blind.
    The US$1
billion project helped to set up classrooms and provided computers and Internet
skills to the blind as well as adding IT to many schools curricula. So far,
hundreds of blind people have learnt how to use computers and the Internet to
study and improve their qualifications.
e-libraries to study foreign languages and read works of literature has become
an essential need for the blind, said Nguyen Xuan Huong, deputy chairman of the
Association at a press conference in Hanoi
on June 27.
    He added
that over the past years, thanks to e-libraries, many blind people have learnt
foreign languages themselves, registered for training courses and improved
their qualifications both inside and outside the country.
2004-2007, the online newspaper Echip conferred the title “IT Knight” on seven
blind people for their efforts in disseminating information about IT and
conducting research on IT application in the community. Some blind people, who
have a good command of informatics and foreign languages, have been able to
find good jobs through online recruitment services.


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