Norwegian Doctors: Sex Is Risky In Thailand

The statistics are clear: Thailand
is the country where most Norwegian men infected with the HIV-infection. Last
year, nearly 40 Norwegians were infected by HIV during travelling abroad. Around
80 people caught gonorrhoea. Most of the diseases were picked up in the Asian Kingdom,
writes the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.
    “In the last few years have shown a disturbing increase in the infection
with HIV and gonorrhoea both tourists and people on long term stay,” says senior
advisor Hilde Kløvstad at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
    The department has recently put forward a report on tourist getting infectious
diseases abroad in 2007.
    “The increase occurred around the millennium, and since then has been more
stable, “says Hilde Kløvstad from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health
of the number of Norwegians who get HIV infection in travel abroad.
    “My clear advice is not to have sex with the local population. Local women to meet in a bar in Thailand,
and take her with you to the room, is no different than the prostitute. There is
a great probability that they have sexually transmitted diseases,” says
physician Gunnar Hasle. He operates Reiseklinikken in Oslo and provides health advices to the
Norwegians to be abroad.
    “Use by all means condom if you choose to have sex with the unknown, but
remember that even condom do not provide 100 percent protection against
infection, Gunnar Hasle points out.
is the country where most Norwegian men infected with the HIV-infection. Fewer
women get HIV, but to the extent that they become infected on the road going on
there in Africa and the Caribbean.
    Gunnar Hasle believe the authorities can not focus on prevention campaigns against
HIV infection.
    “I request more direct information about what actually risks. Men’s risici goes
a long way to destroying his life, just by having sex with the local
population. The authorities have completely ended with campaigns to prevent HIV
infection here in Norway.
Norwegians are not the best in the world when it comes to using condom”, are
according to Gunnar Hasle.
    He believes prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is very important.
    “I find that the task to give advices on sexually transmitted diseases is more
important than anything else we do, “says Hasle.
    In total their was reported 3289 cases of infectious diseases among Norwegians travelling
abroad, show the records from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Eight
of the ten disease through infected food and water.

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