Missing Norwegian In Thailand Safe And Sound: – Did Not Know That He Was Wanted

Norwegian Per Arne Solheim, who has been wanted in Thailand
since April 18, 2008 took yesterday contact with the police in Norway writes
the Norwegian newspaper VG Nett.
    “I can confirm that Solheim is safe and sound. He called yesterday “,
says police attorney in Sunnmøre police district Yngve Skovly to VG Nett.
    According to Skovly, Per Arne Solheim did not know about the attention he has
received in Norway
recently. He has formally been wanted since 18. April this year. He had been
without a mobile phone for a while, and was unaware of the fact that he had
been missed. According to the police Solheim is still in Thailand. Safe
and sound.
    “Solheim said that he was in the area where he been living the last six
months”, says  chief of the
investigation, Frøland in Sunnmøre police district to Sunnmørsposten
    The last contact between Solheim and his family or authorities until yesterday,
was March 9, 2008.
    Earlier this month, VG could tell that Solheim actually feared for his life.
    Before that, back in Norway,
he transferred 1.3 million Norwegian kroner to his Thai partner, well before he
disappeared. His boat, a 32-foot Bayliner Flybridge, was also gone missing.
      VG got its hands of a series of e-mails from the Norwegian guy for the town of Ålesund, who was wanted in Thailand. In an email he made a
list of people he trusted.
    The Solheim story is difficult to understand, something he also expresses
himself, wrote VG. It started while he and the Thai partner stayed at the
holiday resort Hua Hin in 2007. The two of them arrived after they bought a
boat in Pattaya and was preoccupied in large parts of 2007 to fix up the boat.
    In Hua Hin Solheim had a brawl with a person he had hired as a serviceman on
the boat. The reason seems to be a large sum of money Solheim borrowed a Thai. Solheim
argues that even the environment around him is fully aware that he is good for
20 million Thai bath, a little over three million Norwegian kroner. In Thailand, that
kind of money makes him tremendous wealthy.
    In an e-mail he sent to people he knows well, he named a Thai man who Solheim
feared would kill him. He also wrote that he has hired bodyguards.
    “There will be a tough night. We cross the fingers and legs. You have the
story if I do not will be in touch tomorrow, “he wrote to VG.
    When per Arne Solheim contacted the police yesterday, they were not talking about e-mail
and the attention he received at home in Norway.
    “He has not been in any interrogations, and there are not going to happen any
more in this case from the police the other hand, “says police attorney

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