Swedish Trade Coucil To Open Up In Bangkok

For the past couple of years, Swedish companies with interest in opening up branches or trade to the Siam region have had to contact the Swedish Trade Council (STC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now the companies can look forward to the opening of a brand new Trade Council branch in Bangkok.
Officials at the Swedish embassy confirm this but says that the final details of the project are still under development. The recruiting for staff to the new STC has begun, and so far the STC in Kuala Lumpur is overseeing the process.
”We are in the final negotiations of the project,” says trade counsellor at the Kuala Lumpur STC, Charlotte Rylme.
”Håkan Nylander from the Swedish Trade Council here in Kuala Lumpur will head up the project in Bangkok, and he will report to me, as the STC in Kuala Lumpur is the main Trade Council branch in the region,” she says.
It is an increase of interest in the Siam region from Swedish companies that have made a regional Siam Trade Council in Bangkok a necessity. Swedish companies have thus far looked to Kuala Lumpur, when they needed help to start up new branches or export in the area, but the Kuala Lumpur STC no longer feels like they can properly accommodate the companies, and that is why the new Bangkok Trade Council will be a reality starting August, or September 1st at the latest, of this year.
As for the location of the new Bangkok STC, it has now come down to two different possibilities, both in the center of Bangkok, and both in the vicinity of the Swedish embassy. No further information has been revealed to this point.
”Håkan Nylander has a very strong background. He has been working with Accenture in Sweden prior to his engagement at the STC in Kuala Lumpur. In Malaysia he has been working as a Trade Counsellor for the entire Asia region,” Charlotte Rylme says.
The Swedish Trade Council covers more than 60 countries and employs more than 500 people of which 75 per cent is local staff. In Asia the STC has 125 employees as of now.

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