Swedes Condition Is Steadily Improving

The Swede who was shot in the Philippines
is steadily improving. Doctors have picked out two bullets from his body.

husband is feeling good after the surgery,” says his wife to the tabloid in Sweden – Expressen.
    Alternately the man, 52, originally from Blekinge was assaults on Tuesday. The
attacker began to shoot at him when he was on the way home with his wife.
    The Swede, who has lived 20 years in the Philippines, was taken to the
hospital with four gunshot wounds.
The family now stays beside the Swedes hospital bed.
    “The doctors say he will be completely recovered. He is very tired, but I have
been able to talk to him”, the wife says.

is feeling fine. He will soon be moved from intensive care to a ward,
“says 52-year-old mans son.
The police investigation continues, but the Philippine police say they are sure
about who attacked the Swede, because his wife pointed him out.
    This was the second bloody attack against a Swedish citizen in the Philippines in
a short time. On 21 June a Swedish family was found murdered in their home on the island of Cebu.


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