High Quality Is The Key At Electrolux Professional In Rayong

The quality of the machines produced in Rayong is the same as in Sweden. And it should be. Unlike many other “backyard production”, the products are for the whole world.    
    Electrolux Group is a major result of acquisitions, closure of companies, and their movements. The Swedish group, with production in most continents, is an expert in establishing new factories. They recognize quality when they see it. And the shift of some production of the group’s professional washing and dryer machines to Thailand, are among the group’s success stories.  
    “We all have an idea of the new country, we move to, or hear about. I was no different”, acknowledges Roland Bomark, without being pushed. And yes, he should know what he is talking about. Six months after the training and production began at, Electrolux Professional in Rayong in Thailand, he joint as factory manager.  
    Before then, were jobs as production at Electrolux in Sweden, and, not least as a technical manager for the whole of Asia.      “I had been in Thailand many times before I took in my current job. But still, I was very surprised how good and how talented the Thai’s are. We have from the start used an agent to find potential candidates for the vacant jobs we have. They come back with some proposals that we can choose from, “notes the experienced factory manager.  
    When people are employed, they are very willing to show how much they can. And sometimes it’s almost a little too much. But the general feeling is that people are good and that they really make an effort.  
    “It can provide a little problem with employees to begin with in positions where they have contact with the rest of the group worldwide. Electrolux is truly a global company. And the person we have employed, may have previously had a job where they were in contact with their Japanese HQ or the like. But here we are cooperating with the whole planet,”smiles Roland Bomark.
    He continues:  
    “It may well cause problems, having to deal with so many different cultures, almost simultaneously.”  
Absents and disease statistics are on the other hand, content no problems at all.  
    “Illness absentee is just above 1%. It is probably 5% in Sweden. It is very rare that employees sign up sick. We also have very little turnover among the staff. We are talking about approximately 1.5%. “. 
     “Electrolux Professional” took in reality off, at a board meeting in Sweden, December 8, 2004. At the meeting of Electrolux Laundry Systems, the Board decided to close the plant in Tommerup, in Denmark, and move some production to Sweden, and at the same time, the decision to build the plant in Rayong were taken.  
    The new plant would take over the production of machinery from both Denmark and Sweden.  
    And it is precisely here that it is appropriate that Roland Bomark comes with its response to the question of what was the biggest problem to begin production in Thailand.  
    “The biggest problem was beyond doubt in Denmark. Approximately 180 employees in Tommerup knew they would lose their jobs. Quite naturally they lost the part of the motivation. And even worse, many of the people we should be using to help us move, moved to new jobs. And it happened at a time when we needed them most”, explains the Swedish factory manager.  
    The second biggest problem lay in the time difference between Thailand and Scandinavia. In a start-up phase, there is much need for rapid and specific communication.  
    “But many times in Thailand, we were waiting for our partners in Denmark and Sweden to wake up, and get to work. It was enormously frustrating, and gave us many problems”, notes Roland Bomark.  
    He is the first to stress that today more than two years after start-up, the time difference is no longer a serious problem. The time of “emergency situations as a routine” has become history.  
    Back to the beginning, where Electrolux deliberately started up slowly.  
    “We began with two models. There were employed 25 to production, and the necessary training was conducted by personnel from Denmark and Sweden. Since then, production grew in all ways.  
    “We now have 140 employees, and employ at least six times as many of our subcontractors. And we have gone from 2 models in 2005 to 12 today. All products in our program are build for professional use.  
    The difference in the machines to private customers, and the professional products is about efficiency and reliability. All customers of the professional machines have a commercial angle of their procurement and use of Electrolux products. Typically, the machines will come to run 24 / 7 in hospitals, hotels, launderettes, and the like.  
    “Unlike the sale to private, is the machinery we produce for professional almost always sold in advance. Each machine will have a number and customer information’s included. 100% of   produced machines are controlled”. Upon this the factory take out randomly 5% of the products for further quality test. This is to secure the process and workmanship.
And the quality is the same as for machinery produced in Sweden.  
    “The ISO 9001 which we have, is shared with Sweden. If we can’t keep the quality, we are taking Sweden with us in the fall. But it does not happened, “assured Roland Bomark, who explain that they have just taken the decision that the plant in Rayong will get its own laboratories. It is already underway, but the project get an injection of vitamins’ when a Swedish engineer, hired for the task arrive in the near future.  
    And jobs for the laboratory will not run short.  
    “We have built up a network of more than 60 subcontractors, which are the foundations of an annual production of at least 17,000 units. And it works so well that we are now also planning to begin sending individual parts home to Sweden, where they will be part of the Swedish products”. explains a proud Roland Bomark.  
    And while the positive development of Electrolux Professional in Rayong continue, the factory manager him self look forward to his 25 year anniversary next year.
    “And shortly after, my contract expires here in Thailand, may be I stop working for good. Then in case I can return to Sweden enjoying my retirement.

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