Danish Man Victim in Necklace Snatch In Central Pattaya

Many are
blaming the recent increase in crimes against foreigners here in Pattaya,
Thailand, on the sharp rise in the cost of living which is especially hurting
the Thai population, some of whom are turning to a life of crime to survive.
    On Monday afternoon, Juli 7, 2008,
Khun Jongkrak aged 37 was arrested in Soi
Diana Inn,
Central Pattaya following an incident at the
front of Soi 10 off Pattaya Second
. He was accused of snatching a 1
Baht-weighted gold necklace from Mr. Paul Henningsen aged 58 from Denmark.

    The suspect
dropped the necklace before he attempted his escape out of fear of being caught
by Police. He was caught, though thanks to the work of local Police volunteers
and bike patrol units in the area. Khun Jongkrak, who is unemployed, told
Police that a lack of money led him to a life of crime.

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