Finn’s Prefer Thailand For Long Distance Holidays

More and
more Finnish people celebrate their holidays in Thailand,
while the attendance to leisure cruises to Sweden
and Estonia
decreased by seven percent.
cruises does not seem to be of interest to the Finns as much as before. During
2007 that type of travels decreased by 13 percent from the previous year. By
contrast, attracts trips to Thailand.

    The number of cruise amounted to 1.3 million, Statistics Finland reported. This
was about 200 000 fewer than the year before. The number of cruises to Sweden was 857 000 and to Estonia 422
000. Leisure cruises to Sweden
and Estonia
declined, therefore, with seven percent respectively over one-fifth from the
previous year.
The Finns made a total of 32 million leisure trips in 2007.
    In the case of long-distance Thailand
was still by far the most popular travel destination. For Thailand were
128 000 holidays, an increase of just over 40 percent from the previous year. The
average length of stay in Thailand
for visitors from Finland
spent 14.11 days.

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